First steps for the new European project I-Media-Cities

Today at Cineca we are thrilled to host the first research group meeting of a new European project that is going to engage also VisitLab for the next 3 years: I-Media-Cities.


The project, whose kick off will take place next month in Brussels, aims at offering to researchers and the general public the access to large documentary film collections from the 19th to the 21st century.

A semantic search engine, built on top of already existing repositories, will help find images and shots presenting our European cities through visual interfaces, visual analysis of the components and interactive options.

People will also have the possibility of tagging shots and images for sharing knowledge about places, improving the possibility of finding them more easily.

These are just some clues about I-Media-Cities.
We really hope to offer researchers and general public a useful and interesting tool for delving into an amazing mine awaiting for us in our film archives.

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