Un nuovo fantasmagorico progetto: Isabella d’Este Virtual Studiolo

Il VisitLab è felice di introdurre i lettori del suo blog ad un nuovo progetto. Lasciamoci guidare in questo viaggio dalle parole di  Deanna Shemek, capo progetto di Isabella d’Este Virtual Studiolo:

My visit to Cineca last month was really amazing. I’m from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and I went to Cineca’s Visit Lab in March to meet with a team of super-smart people there. Together we are building an immersive, virtual recreation of the famous Renaissance studiolo of Isabella d’Este.

Isabella d'Este

Isabella d’Este, Tiziano, 1534-1536, Olio su tela, 102×64 cm, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

The Samuel H. Kress Foundation gave us money to make a short film about our project, to help us find more funding to build it.

Isabella led an active life, especially for a woman of the sixteenth century. She married Francesco II Gonzaga, marchese of Mantua in 1490 and governed their city state with him. In her spare time, she commissioned and played music by important composers like Tromboncino and Cara. She ran a perfume pharmacy and grew her own flowers for those products. She collected art and antiquities, and showed them off in her special space, her camerini, also known as the studiolo and grotta. A lot of her paintings, sculptures, and other beautiful things are now in museums around the world, and we are working together to put as much of it as we can back together, so people around the world can visit the studiolo virtually.


This is Giovanni, the film director at Visit Lab. He has a lot of good ideas.



We got right to work, talking about our plans. How can we tell people about the Virtual Studiolo in a film of just 2 minutes?


Virtual theatre

Then we went into Cineca’s virtual theater to look at the models they have made so far. This is Mission Control. Antonella and Daniele set up the model for me to look at.


Virtual Theatre 2

Virtual Studiolo nel Virtual Theatre

Maria Chiara joined us, and we took a look at the photogrammetry model they have made of the real Studiolo, in the Palazzo Ducale of Mantua.


Studiolo 3D

There are lots of working phases in the process (mainly involving Blender)


Virtual Studiolo work in progress

Wow, they can even turn the studiolo inside-out!


Antonella & Deanna

We talked about our next steps.


Working group

We like it, so far! I can’t wait to see what comes next.


Fermi Supercomputer

And before I go, I get to meet the big guys: This is the supercomputer hardware room. I’m standing next to Fermi
Maybe these were made in California, but the Virtual Studiolo will be Made in Italy!
Thanks, Antonella, Maria Chiara, Daniele, and Giovanni!

Grazie a te, Deanna.

Continuate a seguirci per altri aggiornamenti sul progetto.

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